Research Students

Those wishing to pursue graduate studies or conduct research at Kyoto University may do so as non-degree-seeking Research Students (Kenkyusei).

To qualify for this status, applicants must contact and obtain approval from a prospective advisor, who may be selected by searching the Activity Database on Education and Research (external link) or the websites of Kyoto University and its individual Faculties, Graduate Schools, or research institutes/centers. Applicants must then submit an admission form and other required documents to the University. 

For more details, contact relevant administrative offices.

Applicants from overseas universities

Graduates of overseas universities wishing to enroll in a Kyoto University Graduate School as a research, master's, or doctoral student are required to contact the Admissions Assistance Office (AAO) for a preliminary review before submitting application documents.

Please refer to the following page for details:
Admissions guide for graduates of overseas universities